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Job-hunting can be daunting. It can be stressful. It can be frustrating. Platypus Recruitment understands this. We aim to help you achieve your ultimate reward which is gainful employment with real career prospects, all with as little fuss as possible.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying it will be easy, but by working together, we can ensure that you are fully prepared for all that will be required of you.

We will offer support and advice in all areas of your job search, from the initial CV preparation to help with determining longer term career goals. We will help recognise your strengths and ambitions, identify weaker areas and suggest ways on improving on them. And finally, by assisting you with your interview preparation, we aim to help you secure that dream job. 

But if at first you don't succeed, with the help of open and honest feedback, we will try, try, try again until that job offer is yours.