Recruiting the right people is crucial to the success of every business – after all, every cog has it’s own part to play in ensuring the whole machine runs efficiently. But if done wrong, it could prove costly, both in monetary terms and in your time, not to mention the disruption it can cause within the team. 

Depending on your workload, you may take on the responsibility of undertaking the whole process yourself, or you could decide to use the services of a consultancy. But here lies another decision - who should you use? 

What makes us different you may ask?  Here at Platypus Recruitment, you can be assured that the person you initially speak to will be the same person who takes the brief and who you deal with throughout the whole recruitment process. No account managers to be passed on to, no resourcers to find potential candidates and no administrators to follow-up - the 'before, during and after' all dealt with by the same dedicated individual. This reduces the possibility of any misunderstanding or miscommunication for all parties concerned. 

We are thorough when taking a client's recruitment brief,  as we feel it is important to consider, not only the necessary experience, academic qualification along with the technical skill-set required for the role, but also the softer skills that ideal candidate should possess in order to integrate seamlessly into your organisation.

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